Stop spending hours trying to curate the "perfect" Instagram feed

What if you could tap into the true power of social media marketing, without all of the stress, hassle and frustration of endless apps and limited results?

What if you had a world-class designer at your finger tips to help build your brand, business or church?

What if you were freed up from the nitty-gritty to spend your mental focus, energy and attention on what really matters to you?

Hi there, I’m Sats Solanki.

I’m a creative director, designer and copywriter. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with global advertising agencies such as Ogilvy as well as brands such as NESCAFÉ, KIA, KITKAT and more.

Is it supposed to be this hard?

Building a brand, business or church from scratch can feel a little bit like raising a child. It takes so much love, care and energy to make something that has your heart come to life. And yet it’s something to be so proud of.

Today we have been gifted access to the tremendously significant power of social media.

From a small device that slots into our pocket, we have the ability to communicate a big message, sell our vision and bring ideas and products to those willing to listen.

The potential impact is staggering and yet it can be so hard to get right. We all know that we’re supposed to “do social media” but what does that actually mean practically?

How can we stand out from the competition when we’re all doing the same things?

Following, liking, commenting, posting, scrolling and so on. Rinse and repeat.

Our efforts can so often feel like a very small drop in the very large ocean called the internet.

How does Instagram work anyways?

At its most basic level, social media is all about attention. For example, Instagram (where currently most of the young adults of today are) is trying to keep people on their platform. Their algorithm will reward those who capture attention.

In an effort to keep up with everyone else, we can very easily find ourselves drifting into the endless mass of uninteresting, self-focused, factory produced content that everyone is scrolling past anyways.

The only way to stand out is to do something different.

I have to be totally honest with you. Instagram is not magic. It does require a heap of hard work, time, energy, creativity and focus. After all, with any sort of marketing, your output will only ever match your input.

And this is what is so frustrating for small businesses, brands and churches. It feels like everyone else has got someone full-time working on this thing. How on earth are we supposed to win at this game to secure the attention of our future customers and our dream audience?

What if someone who understood your dynamic and had the skills to help came alongside you?

Imagine not having to scroll endlessly late at night on stock image sites to find the right image for that post?

Imagine not having to spend hours on fiddly apps on your phone and confusing programs that never seem to let you do what you want to create. Maybe you’re not even good with technology, let alone digital marketing.

Imagine being freed up to entirely focus on what makes your organisation or business grow without thinking about what you have to post on social (because someone told you that you have to be on Instagram).

Imagine not having to shell out for expensive design work that never quite matches your expectations but you kind of have to approve it anyways because you don’t want to be “that difficult client.”

Imagine setting your social media to autopilot so that you’re able to generate new leads and share your message without it being all-consuming to your life.

We want to use social media to reach the world but most often we end up feeling stuck and frustrated. Or worse distracted by minutiae instead of getting on with the grand mission we are called to.

Help is at hand.

That's why I created COLLECTIONS

From running my own small business to pioneering modern expressions of church and spending time helping brands grow, I began realise that I had a very particular set of skills.

People would often comment on the creativity and freshness of what I produced. As creatives, we can be our own worst critics at times and sometimes it does take someone else to encourage, celebrate and draw out the qualities inside of you.

I became obsessed with batching tasks, creating templates and mini-hacks to be able to maximise my ability to produce high quality creative content that would grab the attention of those looking on.

I learnt that certain types of posts perform better than others. That it’s not just about the likes but it’s actually about engagement. And some images are more “sticky” than others.

But you only discover this when you post them. The results are often surprising but the algorithm rarely lies.

I began to curate and organise my designs as a product to share with the world.

And I’m excited to share it with you today.

COLLECTIONS is all about you

World-class quality

Get instant access to hundreds of creative designs that are tested and proven to catch the attention of the outside world.

Hand-crafted visuals

Each design is selected and personalised to fit your unique messaging and vibe so that you can reach your dream audience.

Consistent content

With up to 31 visuals arriving in your inbox each month, it's super easy to stay on top of your social media game. That's enough for a daily post.

Insane value

Make the most of prices at a fraction of the cost of a designer or real life employee and set your content creation to autopilot.

Example 1: The Mystique Collection

Set the mood right with the Mystique Collection. Clean, dark and minimal vibes bring a sense of elegance and class.

The beauty of using COLLECTIONS is that you can maintain that consistent feel across the Instagram grid and keep on brand.

Example 2: The Vintage Collection

This is definitely one of our favourites. It’s an excellent throwback to the days of “old” and yet oh so on point with current design trends. Say goodbye to boring and everyday and use creativity to capture the attention of your customers.

Like a fine wine, it’s hard to resist and there is a lingering sense of rich enjoyment.

Example 3: The Pastels Collection

The Pastels Collection is a clean cut and minimalistic take on sharing thoughts with the world.

Funnily enough, It’s nearly impossible to post too much on Instagram. Despite our worries of potentially annoying people, the algorithm is specially designed to present the images it feels people most want to see.

Social media is simply free marketing and most of us do not utilise its full capabilities.

For example, posting daily (top brands post even up to three times a day) with genuinely value-adding content increases your audience reach dramatically. Three easy examples to jump in on are included below. The Pastels Collection is perfect for content-rich organisations to maximise their voice.

1) What's coming up

Including event promotions and special guest announcements

2) Thoughts and quotes

These can be from yourself, your team or from others who are aligned to your vision.

3) Useful info

Product descriptions, how to's or FAQs. Any information that is genuinely helpful to your audience.

The golden age of Instagram will not last forever

The world’s attention shifts and twists to and from different places and platforms and the world of social media is no different.

Remember MSN Messenger or even AOL?

Or what about MySpace or the glorious early days of Facebook (I joined back in 2007 at university).

Right now Instagram is the golden goose but who knows for how long it will last. Only time will tell.

COLLECTIONS is all about you maximising the opportunity that lies in front of you today for your business, brand or church.

Because taking action now beats the best of intentions in the future.

Every day that passes is a day of potentially untapped clients leads, customer connections, sales, influence and impact. Is it possible that you’re leaving all of that on the table?

COLLECTIONS is for you if...

You appreciate the value of high-quality creativity to encapsulate your message and brand.

You’re not a designer or you simply have bigger fish to fry that you know your time is better spent on.

You get easily distracted by social media and can spend hours endlessly scrolling and consuming instead of creating content.

You’re tired of trying to do everything on your own and this is the year that you’re choosing to get help.

You’re a perfectionist who has pressed pause on your digital marketing because the quality hasn’t been up to scratch.

You don’t have a huge budget or creative resources around you.

Sign up for COLLECTIONS for a full 30 days, 100% risk-free

There is so much value packed into COLLECTIONS and I want you to be able to make sure this is a great fit for you.

In fact, to be extra certain, I’m offering a 30-day risk-free guarantee.

That’s a whole month of content to use as you see fit.

If it’s not vibing for you then just drop me an email and tell me why and then I’ll be completely happy to give you a 100% refund.

No catch, no surprises – just all of your money back.

30 day risk-free guarantee

£89per month
  • World-class artisan designs
  • Up to 31 visuals in your inbox each month
  • Curated and personalised by Sats
  • Tested and approved for an Instagram audience

Your visuals are waiting...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There is no need to give any credit or attribution when you use these (unless you’d like to). These images become yours to use however you like.

You can say whatever you like. Maybe just be honest and let them know it’s part of COLLECTIONS and you’re loving it!

Most images are made to be 1350px by 1080px for a nice 4:5 aspect ratio. This is the best way to occupy the most space on Instagram. Others will also be 1080px by 1080px for a classic square vibe.

You can use these images wherever you like. Obviously they’re designed for social media but get creative.

You don’t need any programs or fancy software to get started. We’re doing all of the heavy lifting for you so you don’t have to. COLLECTIONS will give you up to 31 images for use on your social media platforms. These will arrive in your inbox each month

Each month, you fill out a simple form (you’ll get this when you sign up) which lets us know what text to add to your designs.

We will then select up to 31 images (as many bits of text as you provide), collate and edit these for you and drop in your inbox within seven days.

Each month, new collections will be added in line with current design trends. This means you’ll always be on the cutting edge.

There’ll be an option for any special requests to be included on your monthly content form.

We’re happy to accommodate these as much as possible as long as it doesn’t require us to create new content specially for you.

It doesn’t hurt to ask though and this can be discussed on request.

This is really up to you and depends on your brand and industry. However some obvious suggestions would be quotes or thoughts from you, your team or cultural figures who represent your brand. You can also include sales, promotions, events etc. The opportunities are endless.

Digital coaching is also available as an additional service to help you if you require it.

Yes it definitely does. In fact any organisation that is already content rich (e.g. weekly teaching) such as a church is perfect for jumping on board with COLLECTIONS.

Sats developed design material for a public consultation we were responsible for. He was a great talent to work with. He took his time to comprehend the brief – making the actual design process smooth and efficient. I would definitely work with him again!

Marvin Nooitgedacht
Managing Director, Pixelflakes

Sats knows his stuff and he cares about your success. Working with Sats you know you’ll get a listening ear, a great eye, up-to-the-minute knowledge, a big dose of creativity, and an understanding of how to bring content that’s both on-trend and hitting where you’re at – all delivered with fun and attention to detail. Couldn’t be happier.

Paul Rigby
Assistant Pastor, Zeo Church

Sats is a creative who is an expert at creating fresh concepts and executing across social and digital platforms. His ideas have bite and the blend of copy and visual expertise ensure a consistent message that builds your brand. I’m always impressed by the speed a problem is understood and he moves from concept to putting assets in your hands.

Aidan Roberts
Project Director, Tangent

When I was looking to build a website lots of recommendations came through, but it was Sats that I went with. I could visualise what I wanted in my head but was struggling to articulate it. Sats was patient and worked with me until my vision became a reality. He redesigned my entire business brand into something sleek and professional.

He took the time to learn about the work that I do to better understand what it was that I was trying to promote. He created a letterhead, a logo, my website and my business cards. People regularly comment on the logo and business card which is really positive. What I really like is that he takes massive pride in the work that he does and if it isn’t perfect then it won’t go ahead. I thoroughly recommend Sats for your business needs – you will not be disappointed.

Satveer Nijjar
Self-harm awareness trainer, Attention Seekers

This design package is very easy to use, and the simple look makes it easily adaptable. I’ve enjoyed seeing designs from Sats, always with an innovative creative twist to it.

Nikola Auterska
Freelance cinematographer

Some people struggle on alone, others decide to do something about it

It’s fascinating to me how many people keep doing the same thing, even though the results aren’t what they want.

It’s human nature to stick to what we know because it’s familiar to us and feels comfortable. But the real question has to be asked – are you happy with what you’re getting?

Successful brands, businesses and churches recognise that things don’t have to stay the same. Just because the outcomes haven’t worked in the past season, doesn’t mean that they always have to be this way.

In fact, more often than not, we are just moments away from tapping into breakthrough. Whether it’s clients, customers, sales or connections – this is exactly why you’ve been working so hard.

We are fast approaching 8 billion people on the planet and yet somehow we still feel like we can’t reach the people we feel called to.

COLLECTIONS is your chance to reinvent the way you do digital marketing for your organisation, even the way you do life.

Just imagine what things would look like a year from now if you were able to fully focus on what’s truly important without the hassle of trying to do social media.

What if you could capture the attention of your dream audience without spending hours on endless apps to create designs that never quite feel right anyways.

If we’re honest, we all know instinctively that success doesn’t come to everyone. It’s only those willing to make a change and step into the new.

What are you going to do?

30 day risk-free guarantee

£89per month
  • World-class artisan designs
  • Up to 31 visuals in your inbox each month
  • Curated and personalised by Sats
  • Tested and approved for an Instagram audience

It's time to go to the next level