You cannot mandate generosity

I feel like billionaires have been getting a bad rep lately. Let’s be honest, I’m ever so slightly jealous of someone who can figure out how to be just that successful. The level of work ethic, sacrifice, innovation, failure, disappointment and endurance is to be celebrated and encouraged.

When kids talk about their big dreams and their big plans they are applauded. But when adults hit real success and real figures, somehow society turns on its head. It’s very easy for us to criticise and judge.

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Fear is never a good medium of communication

It’s Friday 13th December 2019 and the nation is reeling from waking up to the news of an extraordinary Conservative majority under Boris Johnson. Not only that but the most significant Labour loss since 1935, winning just over 200 seats.

This is of course a historic election in the context of Brexit and the future of Great Britain. But I wonder if there is something else at play that is worth noting.

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Music theory changed my life

I know what you're thinking because it's a big claim for sure. How on earth could music theory change your life? I believe it has taught me a truly valuable concept that has affected many areas in my life over the years. That concept is all about how we approach learning.Learning sounds fairly uninteresting (think school) until you realise that it's just another way of talking about growth. Unless you're learning - increasing who you are and your gifting then you're not going anywhere or doing anything significant. That's why it's been so important for me.

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One of the greatest privileges in life is disadvantage itself

In today's society there is a lot of conversation around things such as inequality, disadvantage and privilege. Sometimes these are attributed and associated with certain ethnicities, class backgrounds or experiences. The idea that we should level the playing field of opportunity and create space for those less fortunate is a noble one - it's also inherently a Christian one. After all, life is not about what we can get but what we can give. Success is to be shared and generosity to be encouraged (but not mandated of course).

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Tiredness is good for you

The idea of getting tired or burning out is something that has been talked about a lot in recent years, particularly in the context of mental health, rest and self-care. These aren't things I'm necessarily opposed to in themselves but I do wonder if there is another side to this conversation. Because in my experience it’s been good for me to get tired for the right things.

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